Here's what we do

We help you position your company & products as THE compelling answer to your prospect's needs. We also help you avoid the most common mistakes of too much detail, too much complexity, and a seller-centric view. Then we create killer content to move people to the action you want them to take.

 brand is in place: productWe create, refresh or repair your brand based on research and stakeholder input. Then we ensure the foundation for successful corporate or awareness, shared values, and a compelling call to action.

We help you develop and execute the right marketing strategy. We build on the messaging and positioning created above, along with the foundational elements of segmentation and differentiation. And then we tie it all to your brand to ensure consistency.

Some times, things go wrong.  Product failures. Cyberattacks. Employee misconduct. All of these events can have a significant and lasting impact on your brand and reputation. We can help you stabilize and restore your reputation to ensure your business continues to thrive.


A special word about Brand Protection 

Consent-based Marketing is here.

New and emerging privacy regulations are impacting data-driven marketing programs businesses depend on for lead generation and other marketing programs.


It's time to adopt consumer consent-based marketing to ensure compliance and stronger customer relationships.


We can help.

Here's how we can work together


Start-ups and smaller organizations need effective branding  and marketing to fuel growth - but often can't afford staff. A part-time CMO offers the best of both worlds: top leadership talent at affordable costs. 


Maybe you need brand & marketing support for a new product launch . Or maybe you need on-demand support like a white paper, case study, or customer research. We do long & short term projects.


You need a speaker for an event, a moderator for a panel discussion, or a facilitator for a strategic planning session. A day-rate engagement is an affordable way to get the extra horsepower you need.

Workshops & Speaking

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