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Are you ready to defend your brand against a data breach?

Businesses of all sizes face the same risks and consequences of a data breach. For most companies, it is a matter of when, not if, someone steals your customers’ personal information in a cyberattack. There is also the risk of data loss from employees and system failures. All of these events expose you to the brand damage and unbudgeted expenses of recovering from a data breach.  

The loss of customer trust costs US businesses who suffer a data breach an average of $4.2 million in annual revenue, according to the IBM / Ponemon study.  In addition to lost revenue and breach remediation costs, research from Experian and Ponemon calculate the loss of brand value resulting from actual breaches ranges from 17% to 30%. 


Your company’s IT team protects your data from a cyberattack. Who is protecting your brand and customers from the impact of a data breach? 

We can help.

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