James Everett Lee

Messaging & Strategy Guru

There are no silver bullets in business, but there are many ways to avoid success. Whether it's giving in to the urge to tell a prospect everything you know or by over-complicating your pitch (and product), we've all been there.  I'm here to help you smooth out the bumps in the rough and tumble world of commerce by helping you improve your messaging to speed up the sales cycle (translated: make more money, faster).


I am a builder. I create, improve, and repair brands by stripping away the clutter and jargon. I’m a message whisperer (yes, that’s a thing) who develops messages that move people to action. I have special expertise in market penetration, content development, and brand awareness. I’m at home at organizations that are growing and believe in the power of doing something great. I think like a customer, spend like a CFO, and act like a sales rep.


I've worked for companies as varied as the world's largest forest products company and one of the world's newest and most disruptive cybersecurity start-ups.  I was present for the birth of Big Data and I presided over the first national data breach notification along with the resulting brand melt-down and reconstruction. You can read more about my background here.


I also put the fan in baseball and pop-culture fanatic.  I have been described as having a "relentless" sense of humor and an endless supply of useless facts.


Contact me and let's see how I can help you be more successful or at least commiserate about the ravages of free agency and the designated hitter rule.  Or is Rey really Han Solo's daughter with Qi'ra.

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