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All successful brand, marketing, and communication strategies begin with a great message. That's why we don't talk about being marketers - we are messengers who motivate people to take the action you want. The result is a stronger brand, higher awareness, shorter sales cycles, and ultimately more revenue.


We have particular expertise in consumer consent-based marketing to help minimize revenue disruptions from new and emerging privacy regulations in the US and Europe. We also specialize in identifying and addressing brand risks - especially cybersecurity - to minimize negative reputation and revenue impacts and speed the restoration of customer trust should the worst occur.


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Messaging, not marketing

Simplify your message

Answer the question: What can you do to make my life easier better than anyone else?

for James Everett Lee

"James developed a marketing strategy based on the limited resources of an early stage company that, within a year of launching the program, took Waratek from the lowest level of the basement to the top of the search engine rankings, website traffic, and earned media among our peers."

John K Adams, Waratek CEO

"James is a rock star. James' marketing, messaging and branding vision propelled Waratek from zero to the top spot against all of our peers in less than one year. What's more, James accomplished all of this without big headcount or big bucks budgets - just his laser-focused vision and razor-sharp execution."


John Matthew Holt

Waratek Founder & CTO

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